We all feel good when we can help someone. And The LampPost Project is probably the first to let you look good while doing good. Because it transforms National Day lamppost banners and flags into reversible tote bags as well as comfortable T-shirts. These are then sold to raise funds for less privileged Singaporeans who could do with a little help from all of us.



Ever wondered what happens to the thousands of lamppost banners and flags that are produced for our National Day celebrations? Well, we did! And that’s how The LampPost Project started.

It gives these lamppost banners and flags a new lease of life, by turning them into tote bags (sewn by beneficiaries at the Singapore Association for Mental Health) as well as T-shirts. 


Simple. Elegant. And unique.

Each LampPost product is individually cut and stitched from recycled lamppost banners. No alteration is made to the original design – they are simply reimagined. 

The result? Comfortable T-shirts and reversible tote bags with a fresh, modern sensibility. They’re perfect for everyday use – and very Instagram-friendly!



Here’s the best part. The funds raised from selling these products will benefit the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) – an organisation that helps persons with mental illness reintegrate into society.

We hope to raise as much as we can for this cause. And you can help make it happen.

The LampPost T-shirts

the LampPost REVERSIBLE totebags

Note: Designs that vary from website images, and minor imperfections (if any), are due to the fact that each product uses recycled lamppost banners. Any worn-out or damaged bag should be disposed of properly and not left visible in bins. Customer requests for EXchange OF T-shirt sizes are subject to product availability. Refunds will not be provided.

Care Instructions: Hand wash only. Not suitable for machine wash.



For further enquiries, please email us at hello@lamppostyle.com

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